Emily Colligan - RTT Session

on Friday, 21 August 2020. Posted in Testimonials

Overall amazing session! Conny came off right away as very friendly, empathetic and I was able to feel comfortable and feel connected with her right away, which is essential to having a great session. She made the experience very personable and took the time at the beginning to really build rapport.

I loved how she really related to me and shared her own life experiences. While in regression, I felt like she was truly understanding what I was feeling and experiencing in each scene which made the session even more powerful. I felt at ease and able to open up easily and be vulnerable. I felt like Conny did an amazing job of holding space for me and guiding me through the whole session. I would absolutely love to work with her again. She is super intuitive, which makes her so great and a great RTT Therapist. I loved my experience with her! The recording was also highly personalized and all the words resonated with me perfectly. I appreciate that she took the time to use my own words.


Amy Stammer - RTT Session

on Friday, 21 August 2020. Posted in Testimonials

You made me feel at ease from the start of the session. You are very intuitive - you clarified things from my intake form and then intuitively consolidated all my issues into one overarching theme. Taking me into the scenes was really good and I felt I had plenty of time for a scene to develop clearly and your questioning really drew out how I was feeling. I liked how you summarised and again, used your intuition to explain why I was feeling what I was feeling in each scene. RFPI was really enlightening, and your questioning brought out some interesting thoughts! And the “It’s not me” was really empowering – you summed up so well all the things that I could leave behind and how I could move forward – I really felt a shift and felt joy in my heart just thinking about being proud of myself and showing my children what I can do. The Transformation was so good that I fell asleep for a few minutes! I look forward to listening to the recording for 3 weeks.

Alex Mandossian - Founder of MarketingOnline.com

on Friday, 21 August 2020. Posted in Testimonials

Testimonial from Alex Mandossian

Conny is an inspiring leader who leads with authenticity and integrity. She understands fully what is needed to be a leader. A leader leads by example and she is certainly that in every aspect. I am impressed with how she develops emotional intelligence in her team and you truly feel you are part of the team. Conny is confident, assertive in her teachings and allows everybody to contribute ideas. She communicates her vision in a clear way and she fully understands that she is in charge in a non-confrontational way. She embraces challenges and people look up to her as they feel needed, wanted and desired. Conny is a team player and she has a natural ability to lead a team to high performance. Conny requests responsibility as she shows this herself. I highly recommend Conny for any leadership training as she also uses her RTT skills transforming negative mind-sets to positive mental attitudes.


Alex Mandossian,
Founder of MarketingOnline.com

SD, United Kingdom

on Wednesday, 29 April 2020. Posted in Testimonials

"Conny is a great coach. She has an exceptional way of getting to the heart of issues and provides you with practical ways to overcome challenges. She is warm, insightful, passionate and goes above and beyond to provide quality advice. Her contributions have been invaluable."

Sonja Mayer, Austria

on Wednesday, 29 April 2020. Posted in Testimonials

"Meeting Conny was one of the best experiences of my life. She helped me finding my strength again. through her empathetic coaching, I found to more self-confidence, optimism and gratitude. It was a life-changing experience for me and I am proud to call her my coach." 

Krystal Kelly, USA

on Tuesday, 03 September 2019. Posted in Testimonials

"Conny is passionate about what she does and it shows! She has a lot of knowledge to share and it has been very valuable to listen to her speak." 

Lorraine Turnbull

on Monday, 29 July 2019. Posted in Testimonials

“Conny turned my life around and helped me see clearly after 12 years of mental and physical abuse. What I love about her is that she can draw from her own experiences and she makes it very visual to understand why toxicity happens. I so enjoy working with her as Conny is very positive and motivating and you walk away feeling amazing as if you can conquer the world.
Lorraine Turnbull, 48

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