Emily Colligan - RTT Session

on Friday, 21 August 2020. Posted in Testimonials

Overall amazing session! Conny came off right away as very friendly, empathetic and I was able to feel comfortable and feel connected with her right away, which is essential to having a great session. She made the experience very personable and took the time at the beginning to really build rapport.

I loved how she really related to me and shared her own life experiences. While in regression, I felt like she was truly understanding what I was feeling and experiencing in each scene which made the session even more powerful. I felt at ease and able to open up easily and be vulnerable. I felt like Conny did an amazing job of holding space for me and guiding me through the whole session. I would absolutely love to work with her again. She is super intuitive, which makes her so great and a great RTT Therapist. I loved my experience with her! The recording was also highly personalized and all the words resonated with me perfectly. I appreciate that she took the time to use my own words.


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