Amy Stammer - RTT Session

on Friday, 21 August 2020. Posted in Testimonials

You made me feel at ease from the start of the session. You are very intuitive - you clarified things from my intake form and then intuitively consolidated all my issues into one overarching theme. Taking me into the scenes was really good and I felt I had plenty of time for a scene to develop clearly and your questioning really drew out how I was feeling. I liked how you summarised and again, used your intuition to explain why I was feeling what I was feeling in each scene. RFPI was really enlightening, and your questioning brought out some interesting thoughts! And the “It’s not me” was really empowering – you summed up so well all the things that I could leave behind and how I could move forward – I really felt a shift and felt joy in my heart just thinking about being proud of myself and showing my children what I can do. The Transformation was so good that I fell asleep for a few minutes! I look forward to listening to the recording for 3 weeks.

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