Who am I? What gives me the right?

I have gained a lot of knowledge on teaching and the process of learning over 28 years including how to lead a team of people effectively as I worked in education. I have always been a passionate teacher and whatever I do, I do with passion. The passion for teaching is a desire I have had all my life, right from the start but my subject has changed. It is not teaching foreign languages anymore, although the skills certainly help me with the new subject - RELATIONSHIPS.

Some people don't understand one another because they don't speak the same language, and many men and women who are single and have been for quite some time. seem to have given up on finding THE ONE! They seem to be puzzled about what went wrong and when you come out of a toxic relationship - you are certainly puzzled, and men - when you have lost everything, you also have the right to be puzzled. But you see, there a solution to all problems because the problem is never the problem. It is not having a solution. One solution is to build a huge, massive wall around you but I hope you can see that I keep yourself imprisoned. You also have only one life - break that wall down and set yourself free! I can re-code you and re-wire you. 

Teacher/therapist and clients have to be committed to the process of learning and transformation. A teacher is a guide and facilitator. I am able to utilise my phenomenal teaching skills in YOUR transformation and you will love it as I am 100% committed to my incredible work.

How to become the person you always wanted to be in 10 to 21 days? Smash any addictions and make them something of the past!

My passion and my gift are to help people to transform and my own experiences with RTHT (Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy) allow me to identify the root cause quickly and with this understanding I am able to turn your life around for you to live the life you always wanted and desired.  Claim your life back!

My expertise is relationships and how we can attract the relationship we truly want and desire. I mainly focus on men and women who have been in toxic relationships because her own experiences have shown her that particularly men are often cast aside and they see their role as a provider only. This is simply NOT true! My teachings are based on true life experiences and own researches over many years.


My mantras are:

“To relax you need to feel confident, to feel confident you need to know what you are doing.”


"Nothing great was achieved without enthusiasm." (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

What were my lows and highs?

  • Growing up in dictatorship and how control impacts your life 
  • Dealing with suicide and bereavement 
  • Moving to a different country
  • Learning foreign languages which is a skill worth having
  • Integrating into different society and culture
  • being an incredible successful teacher with a lot of promotions
  • Understanding toxic relationships and how your own identity change
  • Overcoming co-dependency in relationships and how to set boundaries
  • Stepping into your own power and how to believe in yourself
  • Managing life independently in a different country
  • Stress and pressure at work and in relationships and how it impacts your health
  • Finding self-love by loving your inner child and what it actually means
  • How to meditate successfully and how it helps to create balance within yourself
  • Why money issues occur – what was the mystery behind this?
  • Overcoming fear and doubt
  • How to be a great motivator and how to be an inspiration to others
  • How to identify the silver lining
  • How to embrace spirituality and its positive impact on my life
  • How to change my perception from Why me? to Try me!
  • How to stay true to yourself by not giving up your identity - no matter what other people think

"No matter how many times I fell, I always got up, dusted myself off and kept walking."

Through that, I learnt that I cannot blame others, I can only be responsible for myself and this gave me the courage to step outside of my own comfort zone as my passion is to encourage people and to motivate people to go for what their hearts desire because your heart will always tell you the truth.

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My intention is to help people to live a happy and fulfilled life in all 4 main areas - relationships, health, work and finances. It can all be achieved with dedication and commitment. 

Enjoy reading and be inspired. 

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